INTRODUCING -THE  AMAZING............                    

 Universal Remote Control that comes with it's own finder, so you'll never again cry...


<-Finder Device and 5-1 Universal Remote

FINDER VELCROS TO ANY SURFACE! comes with velcro strips

 Remote BEEPS up to 60 Feet Away !

Introducing the amazing ONE FOR ALL Sp5061Remote ! This universal remote works all your home electronics and can't be lost or misplaced because this remote comes with it's own finder ! The Finder velcros to any surface for easy use (velcro strips are included). Using unique RF technology, just push the button on the finder and the remote will beep anywhere.  Whether it's wedged in the cushion of the couch, buried under the blanket, or even if your pet hides it in another room, you'll  never again cry...


This universal remote that works any brand TV, VCR, cable box, or stereo.....and best of all it works virtually all the functions including the menu button.

Now, why have 2, 3 or even up to five remotes when you can replace them with one easy to use and impossible to lose remote !  

Now get the One For All  Remote and the Finder for the incredible low price of only

$19.95  on this exclusive web offer !

(Florida residents please add 7% Sales Tax)

to order - please call toll free at:


                   out of the USA or Canada call 1-813-926-2022 

one for all remote model# SP5061

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RETURN POLICY: 100 percent, no questions asked, no hassle, 30 day money back guarantee on all remotes!

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